Intimate Beach Weddings Abroad

Natural Beach Island in Asia

Getting married on the beach is great; it's sunny, the weather is clear and you're surrounded by nature. In the UK, relying on the weather can be tough which is why going abroad may be the answer. Take a look at these glorious god-given beaches and say your vows in style.

Bethells Beach (Te Henga), New Zealand

Bethells Beach is still one of New Zealand's best kept secrets. Located on New Zealand's west coast not far from Auckland, the drive there is quick and scenic and the beach itself is captivating. It's never too busy, which gives it that intimate feel and even when it is, the scene is idyllic with horse riders, dog walkers and young lovers enjoying the gargantuan beach with alternating white and black sands, large sand dunes, Amazonian forest and a mysterious, deep cave. The waters here are wild and roaring and lend an atmospheric feel and the hit television series Xena was filmed here which lends it a little claim to fame for fans of the series. Running gracefully down the dune in your wedding dress is fairy tale like and also pretty fun we imagine. Besides, you'll find useful ideas about how to create that 'glowing princess' style wedding look to compliment your beach wedding at

Bethells Beach wedding, New Zealand

Maya Bay, Thailand

If you've ever watched the movie 'The Beach' starring everyone's favourite Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, then you'll know all about Maya Bay. It's the beach where a small group of travellers go to get away from the crazy 21st century and the tourist infested mainland of Thailand. Thailand has beaches coming out of its ears so whether you wed on Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe or Phi Phi, you'll be able to find a stretch of beach to conduct your nuptials. What makes Maya Bay so special is that you have to really get out to it; the bay can be reached by boat where you'll see the beach itself, dominated by 100 metre high cliffs. You can even camp overnight if you want to get back to basics and live under the stars. You'll understand exactly why the film makers decided to shoot here.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Australia is one of the world's most naturally diverse countries; it has it all - sophisticated cities, coral reefs, mountains, epic zoos and of course, Whitehaven Beach. This quite frankly bizarre but beautiful beach is a true snare on the senses, merging powder white sands and baby blue seas with the creativity of an expert painter. If you need proof that a divine creator exists, travel to the Whitsunday Islands. Better yet, marry here!

Baia do Sancho, Brasil

Nowhere does a beach quite like Brasil; it's not just the home of the carnival you know! Baia do Sancho is one of Brasil's greatest spots because it's just so beautifully unspoilt. With so many beaches to choose between, this is one of our favourites because it fuses a blinding beach and glorious waters with devastatingly high cliffs and an abundant tropical paradise. It basically looks like somewhere Jack Sparrow would stop by before he heads off on another adventure.

Playa de ses Illetes, Formentara

The water's here have to be seen to be believed and that's quite a claim. They are so clear and naturally clean that you'll think they've been photo shopped. These baby blue waters submit a true taste of paradise and offer views of far away islands to titillate the eye.

Lido Beach, Venice

Just when you think you've got Venice all figured out, it throws out a huge surprise! You see, Venice isn't all narrow walkways and claustrophobic canals; the Lido is where Venetians and tourists alike come to play hard with huge expanses of open space to explore. The water is beautiful, the sand is glorious and the palm flecked beach is very much otherworldly. The hotel that featured heavily in the novel 'Death in Venice', The Grand Hotel des Bains, is a prominent feature located close by the Lido and is a luxurious place to stay before you go exploring.

And the benefits of a beach wedding?

  • ❤ If you head abroad, the weather is almost guaranteed to be good
  • ❤ The sea air will keep you calm!
  • ❤ You'll be a sun basked bride
  • ❤ You get to marry in abundant nature
  • ❤ You get to marry in paradise!