Affordable Honeymoon Packages in America

America's 50 states all offer something completely different to the last; it's this versatile sense of fun that makes America such an amazing honeymoon destination. If you think that travelling to America involves punishing your wallet, think again.

Why America?

The USA remains the land of the free; a liberated land with each state remaining strikingly different to the last. America's voluminous mass lends it a variety and versatility that is rare in the world. Texas provides a rick-rollicking cowboy lifestyle with generously sized eats for avid food connoisseurs, New Orleans offers an interesting French fusion merging gators, Creole cuisine and horse drawn carriages, the hustle and bustle of New York, 'concrete jungle where dreams are made' cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world and LA is dominated by Hollywood hopefuls and devastating beaches.

Such a broad landscape lends itself well to an unforgettable honeymoon.


Cape Cod

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a famous American destination; it's quirky and delightfully odd whilst also being very beautiful in its own quaint way. Cape Cod is situated nearby Martha's Vineyard and the Nantucket Islands, both of which are considerably more expensive. The Cape is a renowned vacation spot for local workers in the New England area. A key appeal is the slow pace of life; much of America can feel far too fast but if you want to slide into your honeymoon in style, then the Cape offers a slow serenity that is infectious. The landscape itself is beautiful with roaring waters, bridges and swanky yacht clubs.


Zion National Park in Utah

Utah is a state neatly tucked into America's west coast and known for its dramatic scenery that looks like something straight from a cowboy movie. Utah certainly is cowboy country with golden, sun-licked lands just dying to be explored. The desert and mountains lay just outside of the city and the state itself needs to be seen to be believed. If you've always wanted to feel like a cowgirl then consider staying at Utah's Sundance Resort; it's a cottage inspired resort nestled in the mountains so the views are gorgeous.


The Ritz-Carlton in Colorado

Colorado is positioned in America's mid-west and is abundant with natural beauty. From mountains to forests to fresh water lakes, Colorado has it all and is ideal for the couple who wants to embrace nature in all its virility. It's also the home of the esteemed Rocky Mountains! The Ritz-Carlton offers a little luxury to honeymooners. The key things to do here are ski, eat and hike, but if you'd rather relax, the resort has its own spa too.


Blackberry Farm Tennessee

Home of Megan Fox and Reece Witherspoon, Tennessee has an enviable landscape dotted with farmland and forests. It's a picturesque post card place that promises escape which is what most honeymooners are looking for! The Great Smoky Mountains can be found here which is a bigger plus. Tennessee is an outdoorsy place for those who love getting their hands dirty. If you're keen, there's plenty of opportunities to hike, horseback ride and fly-fish but if you'd rather relax, you can just take in the clean air and do that too. Blackberry Farm is located in Walland and is basically the American version of the cosy, comfy English cottage.



California conjures a lot of imagery; beaches, babes and lots of sun. California is definitely one of the most talked about states; it's all over the movies, TV and music channels. But the reality of being there might surprise you. Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa located in Orlando looks a little Victorian which means we like it already. The hotel itself is a 5 star and everyone's favourite Disney characters are etched into the resorts architecture. If you're big on food, dinner is a six-course affair.

New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the world's most romantic cities. Granted, the Big Easy doesn't do romance like Paris or Venice but it has its own light way of being incredibly romantic. For this reason, it's great for honeymoons. The New Orleans Conventions & Visitors Bureau offers several honeymoon packages (as well as wedding packages) that are all very affordably priced. If you want to embrace that slow, sizzling style, then head to Orleans.