Exotic Honeymoon Destinations in the World

  • Aman Canal Hotel Venice

    With its gushing canals that claustrophobically wind into narrow corridors of old Italy and spill immediately out into the opulent Grand Canal, Venice is an old world treasure that retains its exquisite antique charm.

    Venice, Italy

  • Exotic honeymoon locations

    Mauritius and honeymooners go hand in hand. This captivating paradise is fresh from only the wildest of dreamscapes; butter blonde sands, softly encroaching waters and verdant green hideaways...


  • The Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka offers an innovative and intimate mix of exotic features that make it truly ensnaring on the senses. It has gargantuan landmarks, teaming wildlife, crystalline waters & loads of culture and history.

    Sri Lanka

Affordable Packages in America

  • Blackberry Farm in Tennessee

    Home of Megan Fox and Reece Witherspoon, Tennessee has an enviable landscape dotted with farmland and forests. It's a picturesque post card place.


  • Califonia

    California conjures a lot of imagery; beaches, babes and lots of sun. California is definitely one of the most talked about states; it's all over the media.


  • New Orleans

    New Orleans is one of the world's most romantic cities. Granted, the Big Easy doesn't do romance like Paris or Venice but it has its own light way of romantic.

    New Orleans